• Are you occupied with thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts?

  • Want a vacation from this round the clock routine life?

  • Wish there was a refresh button for our body, mind and soul?

  • Want to connect to your inner peace?

Then, this meditation camp is here for your rescue! V Swaroop Sanyas Dhyan Sadhana is an excellent residential meditation camp in the laps of nature. When you reach the camp location, the sheer energy gets you. It is a comprehensive course that shifts the very way you perceive yourself and the world around you. It is the best opportunity to restore your well-being in every key aspect of your life. It is a process to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

The unique healing method rendered in this camp deserves a special mention. It has cured many critical and long-term illnesses of the participants. This healing method is developed by our founder chairman Mr Lateshh Shah, who has himself spent valuable time meditating in the Himalayas and met various spiritual monks. The process of this healing itself is going to create massive shifts in your life.

This meditation camp is sure to

  • Connect you to your true self: We often look for opportunities in the outside world. In V-Swaroop Sanyas Dhyaan Sadhana, you will be able to witness your true powers and re-connect to the real abundance lying within you.
  • Bring you close to nature: Have you ever thought why a mere walk at a garden or at a beach is itself so rewarding? In this meditation camp you will be able to connect to and experience all the five elements of nature. In addition to this, the sight and company of beautiful natural surroundings is sure to take to a different world altogether.
  • Eliminate your stress and anxiety: According to scientific research, stress is said to reduce your life by 1/3rd.Due to our hard lives, we have unknowingly cultivated the habit of taking stress in every big and small challenges that life throws at us. It is the root cause of so many diseases. It has hampered our decision making skills too. Through this camp, you will be able to win over this stress and get rid of your long-standing anxieties.
  • Cultivate patience and acceptance: This is an effective tool to drop your rigid grudges and acknowledge your own self. It is very difficult to forgive others, but it is even more difficult to forgive and love your own self, that too unconditionally! You will master this art in this meditation camp and it is sure to reward you many folds in day to day life.
  • Heal your body mind and soul: You will learn to harness the healing powers within you to help you heal yourself and the world. It will definitely leave you in awe and enable you to give and receive effectively in life.
  • Balance your emotions: Due to many unknown factors, your emotions are gone into automation mode or are completely suppressed. This is going to harm you in either of the cases. You will learn to manage your anger and other emotions effectively. It will bring fulfilment in your expressions.
  • Get rid of the negativity: You are filled with loads of negative impressions and perspectives towards life. They are clouding your vision and stopping you from growing in life. Through our meditations you will be able to go beyond these issues and overcome them.
  • Reconnect to your creativity: You will be able to break-free from the mundane routine robotic life and tap into your creative potential.
  • Restore your peace of mind: You will be able to drop your worries and tensions of regular life and bring back your original peaceful mind.

Balance your life physically, mentally and spiritually: You work hard to fulfill your needs, desires and grow in life. This meditation camp will add the qualities of happiness, satisfaction, wisdom and many others. It will help you connect to your higher self and balance all the arenas of your life.

To bring about the best transformation in you, we employ:

  • Trained faculties and supportive staff
  • Insightful guided powerful meditations
  • Healing techniques
  • Easy but effective breathing exercises, yoga and Pranayama
  • Simple and Organic Life-style


General Details of the Workshop:

  • Eligibility: 6 years and above.
  • Duration: 4 days (residential camp)

Few Testimonials

“It changed me completely!” It was altogether a different experience which gave me a New Perspective about How Life Works! It not only helped me understand nature but also myself! VSDS also benefited me in my Astrology Career by clearing my mind & making me more Focused!
Ila Rajguru
Astrologer & Tarot Card Reader
V-Swaroop Sanyas Dhyaan Sadhana has been a very special meditation camp I have been a part of. It was an Eye-Opening experience for me which made me realize the Power of Intention! It helped me inculcate the habit of Meditation in me which has been helping tremendously in my daily life!
Karan Parekh
SYBMM student, HR College of Commerce & Economics
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