Super Power Projection for Teenagers​

Teenage is the most zestful age in a human’s life. Are you a teenager?

Let’s make it the most fruitful age of your life! This is your chance to make it big !

  • This is your chance to realize your true potential
  • This is your chance to gain clarity about your future
  • This is your chance to deal with the communication gap between you and your parents
  • This is your chance to make true friends that last for life!
  • It is your chance to discover your true identity
  • This is your time to shine!

Realizing how special you are and how crucial this age is for you, we have launched Yuvamation –  a separate wing that works for transformation of teen agers through niche workshops designed to cater and address your issues, caliber and give you that platform to fly.

Under Yuvamation, the Super Power Projection for Teenagers (SP2T) workshop will help you unleash your true powers. After this workshop, you will be able to face the world with much more mental clarity, emotional stability, and complete awareness of your powers. In this workshop, you will discover the real original, renewed you.

Some of the key areas that this workshop focuses on are:

    • Making you Confidence plus: We support you build the cutting-edge confidence and conviction for yourself. Armed with this, you can easily face, digest and make most of any new opportunity coming your way.
    • Getting rid of your deep down Fears and Insecurities: Future is uncertain and your past negative experiences don’t allow you to step beyond the comfort zone you are currently in. We support you to break these barriers that are limiting your progress. Overcoming your fears will become the stepping stone in your success.
    • Carving out a Charismatic Personality in You:  We guide you to bring out the best version of you, eliminating all the negativity that hampers your self-esteem.
    • Strengthening your Communication Skills: It is the world of communication. All the great and extra-ordinary people out there are essentially effective communicators! By mastering this skill in our workshop, you will be able to make your own way out in any situation of life.
    • Shredding that Inferiority Complex: Majority of teenagers have faced this issue. Due to this one complex and inhibitions you have let go of so many opportunities in life to shine out. Let’s get rid of this complex and bring back your freedom to fearlessly be ‘You’ in front of a huge crowd. 
    • Identifying your True Potential: On day two of this workshop, we help you dig deep within you, chase away the layers of your past negativity and help you rediscover the original you
    • Master the art of stress and pressure management: Teenage brings forth many kinds of pressures, complex stress and sensitive situations which you have never faced before. In this workshop, there is ample space to open up, express and come up with practical solutions. You will definitely get an encouraging comfortable space and acceptance from us.
    • Becoming bullet-proof from negativity: In our childhood, you could not understand the difference between positive and negative beliefs and point of views and absorbed everything as a sponge. Your childhood impressions are still ruling your life without your awareness. In this workshop we support you to develop a 360 degree point of view towards life. This will help you to effectively weigh the pros and cons of a thing and decide the right step for your future.
    • Creating Genuine Friendships that last for life: In this world of social media, you may be having thousands of virtual friends. But we have very few real close friends. Here in this workshop you will master the art of developing thick bonds that are truly one call away when you really need them. In fact, we have seen that every batch of this workshop has become a close knitted family by the end of the workshop and they are life-long buddies for each other.
    • Coping with difference of opinion with elders, especially Parents:  Parent-child relationship is one of the most sacred relationships on earth.  It is your first relation on Earth. By strengthening this bond in our workshop, you will lay a solid foundation of all future relationships in your life.

To ensure best transformation in you we employ:

  • Best Trained Faculties
  • Trained Supportive Team of Assistants
  • Limited Batch size
  • Encouraging, comfortable environment
  • Insightful psychological games and activities
  • Powerful Meditations
  • Theatrical Activities
  • Healthy Interactive sessions

Every batch of this workshop is like our family. We know that we would like to stay in touch with each other even after the workshop. Hence we have,

    • Complimentary Parents and Celebration session of 150 minutes post workshop: This session gives a platform to all the teenage participants to project their powers and talents. It is followed by an eye-opening interaction with your parents and guests and your Certification and Power Kit Distribution.

    • Talk to Trainer Service: The contact information of the faculties are made available to you and you may anytime call them and meet them in case you need any guidance.

    • Free repetition of the workshop henceforth for life. This workshop has become a turning point in many teenagers’ lives. You are welcome to repeat and revise the entire workshop for free whenever you feel like drawing new pearls of wisdom from the ocean of your life.

    • Complimentary weekly seven follow-up sessions: These sessions will help you implement the wisdom of this workshop more easily in day to day life.

    • Whats-app support group: This group is for further interaction for future and made with the purpose that all the participants can stay in touch too.

General Details of the Workshop:

Eligibility: 13 to 20 years of age

Duration: 9am to 6pm, 3 consecutive days plus 7 (3 hours each) follow up sessions

Location: Vile Parle

Few Testimonials

Super Power Projection for Teenagers is the place where I found the ‘Real Me.’ After SP2T, my relations with my family and friends have improved a lot. I developed skills like Decision making and Time management. Lastly, I found a second Family over here.
Bhavik Katariya
SYJC Student, Lala College
Super Power Projection for Teenagers has helped me not only become focused and confident but also helped me learn how to manage multiple things at a time. It taught me how to connect well with people. Those 3 days were full of great realisations and I have observed a lot of difference in myself.
Vrushil Gajra
4th Year Engineering Student, K J Somaiya
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