Super Memory Master

  • Do you have a doubt lingering behind that though you know the answer perfectly right now, you may not be able to recollect it during exams?
  • Do you feel that how much ever you study it’s never going to be enough?
  • Do you sometimes wish that your study gets over faster and you get a little extra Me-time for your hobbies or play your favorite sport?
  • Do you sometimes curse why you had to study such boring subjects?

Basically, we don’t blame you for feeling this way. What you really need to realize is this-

Want it or not, the examination pattern of our educational system, (be it any board) is majorly based on MEMORY. And during studies we focus on everything but not our memory!

For any human, memorizing happens in three steps

  • Collection of Data
  • Storage of Data
  • Recollection of Data.

Collection of data is carried on by our efficient 5 senses. Whether you are aware or not, your five senses are continuously, 24X7 collecting data for you. The creator has blessed every human with infinite memory. Hence we never have to worry about storage space. Since we have unlimited space and 24 hours working senses, we are hap hazardously storing data. Due to this, Recollection becomes a problem. 

In Super Memory Master Workshop, we give you the art of organizing your memory, a scientific and effective way to store important data in your memory, so that you can easily access the required data during exams. This effective way will give you an appropriate way of utilizing your memory. 

Of course there is no alternative to hard-work, but if you master the art of Memorizing, it will make it a lot easier to store, retain and recollect the information in less time and without pressure!

In Super Memory Master Workshop, you will learn techniques for

  • Abstract Words
  • Difficult Words
  • Foreign Language words
  • Group of words and long words
  • Definitions
  • Short Answers
  • Pointer-form Answers
  • Paragraph form Answers
  • Give reasons
  • Distinguish between
  • Long Answers
  • Mental Summary Technique
  • Historical dates
  • Law sections
  • Mathematical Formulae
  • Chemical Equations
  • Speed Reading Techniques
  • Revision methods

Special Add-ons are

  • Interest Creation Method
  • Concentration Building Activities
  • Exam- Confidence Meditation

Super Memory Master is a very practical workshop. In this workshop, you will not only know the technique, but will master it with rigorous practice. You will go one step further; you will not only master the technique, but also implement each technique in your own subjects!

What will this do to you? When you yourself will apply the techniques in front of our trained faculties, 

  • You will actually know how to memorize your entire curriculum
  • You will solve majority of your doubts in the workshop itself
  • You will realize that Memorizing can be speedy and yes that definition which took 20 minutes to memorize at home, can be actually done in just 5-7 minutes! This will further boost your confidence and motivate you to make these techniques a daily part of your life.
  • You will have fun while studying and realize it is as interesting as any of your hobbies
  • Your focus and determination to excel in studies, to score better will automatically increase.

What will you gain by applying these techniques in your study?

You will be able to memorize in Speed:  Speed becomes a very essential skill considering the vast portion and time crunch that you are facing. Also to stay one step ahead than others, you will need more time to revise. Taking all your needs into consideration, one of the major focuses is to save your time. The techniques are designed to serve this purpose. After this workshop you will be easily able to save 25 percent to 50 percent of your current study time. 

You will be able to concentrate better: Everyone around us leaves no stone unturned in reminding us to concentrate. We ourselves feel that we must concentrate. Attention span of every human is not more than 45 minutes. However our lectures and study time goes way beyond our attention span. Understanding this, we have included fun-filled concentration activities in this workshop to help you enhance your concentration.

Bring Interest in boring subjects: Believe it, you were not born hating those subjects! And as a child, you never had anything as ‘Like and Dislike in your head’. You have developed dislike towards it due to various factors, you can realize them and easily make your subjects interesting using our interest creating method and other creative techniques. 

Remember for a longer duration: The key to remember for a long time, lies in effective revision. Super Memory Master Workshop’s revision techniques help you revise your two-hour study in just 15 minutes! At our workshop, we give the time-line and effective way of revising your chapters. With our revision method board examination students have revised the entire portion 8 to 10 times before appearing for their final exams.

Eliminate Exam Fear and Stress: Due to lack of proper method and guidance, studies and exams today have become equivalent to stress, nervousness and fear. Unknowingly, you are making stress and fear your habit. You will be able to easily avoid this through our Exam Confident Meditation and fun techniques that you will learn in our workshop.

The workshop’s techniques directly don’t work on

  • Practical Solving in Mathematics
  • English Comprehensions, grammar and creative writing like Essays and letter writings.
  • It does not directly work on your writing skills

However, the time that you save with Super Memory Master techniques and the enhanced concentration, will help you devote more time and eliminate silly mistakes caused due to haste even in the above mentioned things!

We are committed towards our service to you. We have a very limited number of students in a batch. We ensure personal attention and quality results to you by employing

  • Trained Faculties and Supportive Assistants
  • Supportive and Encouraging Environment
  • Complimentary 150 minutes Parents and Guest Session to guide them to create a better environment of study near you.
  • Certificate and Course Material kit
  • Regular post Workshop Practice Sessions of 120 minutes at regular intervals throughout the year.
  • At our organization, World Human Development Center, you are our family. You are entitled to free repetition of Super Memory Master Workshop any number of times you want.
  • Talk to the Trainer Service and Whats-app Group Support: In case of any doubts, you may choose to get in touch with any of the faculties. Their contact information is provided in the kit for you. You will get all the required details of our practice sessions and workshops on the Whats-app support groups.

General Details of the Workshop:

Eligibility: 6th standard to post graduation 

Duration: 16 hours + Practice sessions

Locations: Kandivali, Mulund, Vile Parle, Dadar

If you have a group of 30 students or more please contact us on 8898 008 628

Few Testimonials

From 58% in prelims to 89% in my 10th Boards, Super Memory Master workshop techniques helped me achieve this! After SM2, I completed my 4 hours of study in just 1 hour now! The best thing I got from the workshop is the Revision & Exam Confidence techniques!
Harsh Gala
FYJC Commerce, Mithibai College
SM2 has helped with my studies and made it for fun and easy for me. I had scored 60% in my prelims exams. My marks were very less that's why I used all the techniques and decided that I will get 75 + percentage in my boards and I was sucessful in that. l got 78.20% in my boards and I am very thankful to SM2. Before SM2, I used to take 3 to 4 days to complete one chapter but with the help of SM2 I can now complete one chapter in 1 and a half day.
Preet Gala
Second Year Engineering Student
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