Sales Training

Yes!  Then, World Human Development Center’s Sales Training is the one stop solution for you.

This workshop will transform the perspective of your Sales staff from mere selling or ‘Chipkana’ to ‘Relationship building’ with the Client. This in turn, will aid you to create better Trust & Goodwill in the mind of Your Customer.

Major gains for your staff from this Sales Training:

  • Become Confidence Plus: It is the confidence in the salesman that instills trust in the eyes of the customer for your products and services. Confidence plus is one of the prerequisite to success for anyone who wants to sell anything in this world. Overcoming his fears and complexes, your staff will be able to project his confidence in front of the customers.
  • Learn the Art Of Listening: Your staff will be able to sharpen his listening skills that will enable him to address the needs of your customers and close deals faster.
  • Learn the Art Of Relationship Building: Mastering this art through this sales training will enable your staff to provide optimum service and enhance cross selling of your products.
  • Learn the Art Of Closing: It is one of the most important arts where fear sinks in many times. Your staff’s Closing can make or mar his hard work of his sales pitching and follow up with the client until now. During this workshop he will realize his own flaws and rectify it with our step by step simple but effective closing rules.

With this sales training you will be able to get effective hands to speed up your business success and achieve your aimed targets. Apart from this, few benefits of this training to you will be

  • Highly Efficient & Motivated Sales Force
  • Gain Long-term Clients
  • Salesmen who help in building the Goodwill & Brand of the enterprise. 

To bring out the best potential of your staff we employ:

  • Psychological Games
  • One On One Coaching 
  • Role Plays 
  • Limited Batch Size 
  • No lectures, only practical training

General Details of the Workshop:

Eligibility: Only for sales staff of an enterprise

Duration: Total 15 Hours (3 Sessions of 5 Hours Each) 

Investment: 9000 INR

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