Powerful Kids Vidyapeeth

Do you have a child who is like a bouncing ball and after hours of shouting, pampering, convincing and what not, you still fail to make him SIT for studies?

Do you have a talented child who is interested in a hell lot of activities but when it comes to studies, he just finds excuses to escape from it?

Does your child gets terrified to remember those BIG chapters and feels he is not capable of doing it?

Does your child always have that doubt that he remembers the answer right now but will he be able to recollect it in exam?

Let me tell you, IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT! The harsh truth is they are never taught how to remember!

The best teacher he learns from can only explain the concepts and give better understanding of the subject. The sole responsibility of Memorizing rests with the child alone!


He is currently in a Growing PHASE. There is a big INFLUENCE of the ENVIRONMENT around. Whatever he is interpreting about the world inside his head, is going to rule his entire LIFE!

There are so many factors responsible behind a child being fearful, being shy, being stubborn, being kind, and being introvert or extrovert. There are many experiences and interpretations of your child behind your child’s every behaviour!

We as parents get frustrated and feel helpless sometimes with their behavior. We tend to lose our patience when after loads of efforts we fail to discipline our child or fail to help them overcome their weaknesses. We at WHDC, understand your pain.

We tend to blame our children or ridicule them for their inappropriate behavior. Or you may be we end up feeling helpless. But have you thought what factors are leading to this behavior?

 At WHDC, with this unique design of Latesh Shah (our founder chairman) called Powerful Kids Vidyapeeth (PKV), we work 360 degrees, exploring and touching every aspect of your child’s life. This workshop for kids is like a holy Granth, the more you repeat and revisit it, the more wisdom you gain for your practical living. 

Still, let us underline some major gains that your child will inculcate in himself during Powerful Kids Vidyapeeth:

Confidence plus: With this workshop your child will become confident to speak publicly. He will be confident to perform in exams and competitions. He will be able to go beyond his fears and face the challenges life throws at him

Expressions: Your child will learn to express his feelings freely with everyone and will also learn to listen and accept others’ ideas appropriately.

 Enhance Concentration: Any child is an abundance of energy. Your child will learn to focus all his energies towards studies and any activity he does. Here in this workshop, we help them channelize their excess energy. 

 Communicate Effectively: Everyone has the gift of voice from the almighty, but not all understand the art of communication. Communication has the power to turn the tables around. It is one of the major factors that can make or mar your life. It can salvage any situation for you. Realizing this, we nurture this important art in them at this early age.

 Leadership Skills: It is one of the most under-valued skill in today’s world. Your child is unique. He is born with a gift that only he can contribute to this world. Leadership is that quality, which will help him outshine and contribute his unique ideas, creations and missions that he takes on in his life. We sow this seed in him in this workshop.

 Eliminate Fears and Complexes: These are one of the major roadblocks in a child’s life. Through our activities, we help them overcome them.

 Nurturing Relationships: In Powerful Kids Vidyapeeth, your child will realize the importance of healthy relationships, especially with parents, siblings, friends and their teachers. They will be able to strengthen their bond with you and their near and dear ones. He will master the art of dissolving any conflict and go beyond personal grudges in life.

 Break free from many bad habits: Habits can be re-molded more easily in 7 to 12 years of age as compared to any other age. Your child will be able to eliminate many old habits like laziness, anger, stubbornness, addiction to mobile and lot others before it becomes more firm in him. He will be able to dig deep within himself and realize and eliminate his bad habits.

 Enjoy Academics: In this workshop, we give them the technique to develop interest in boring subjects and your child will gradually develop interest in his most hated subject too.

 Memorize in Speed: With the help of speed reading techniques and our easy method of memorizing big answers, your child will be able to memorize any number of chapters in less time than what he currently takes!

 At our World Human Development Center, we treat every participant as a family. And so to ensure that we bring out the best in your child, 

  • We provide personal attention and guidance. We take a very limited number of participants in a batch.
  • We understand your value in shaping your child’s future. Hence, we conduct a special complimentary 150 minutes Parents and Guests Session, to guide and discuss your child’s progress with you.
  • Your child will be felicitated with a Certificate and kit to mark this new beginning of his life.
  • You are requested to be in regular touch with our trained faculties, so that we can support you in any way we can. Also make sure that he attends our free regular practice sessions after the workshop.
  • We would love to meet you and hear from you any time. Do make use of our Talk to the Trainer service in case of any doubts after the workshop and what’s-app group support for regular updates. Also we are always eager to welcome you, feel free to send your child for repetition of the entire workshop for free, till he turns 12 years of age.
  • After the workshop, your child is eligible to participate in our Annual Memory Championship.  It is designed on the lines of World-level championships that will further boost his confidence and skills.

     To ensure that your child makes the best of this opportunity, we employ
  • Trained and experienced Faculties
  • Trained Supporting Assistants
  • Practical Techniques
  • Psychological Activities
  • Meditations
  • Supportive, Encouraging and Energetic Atmosphere
  • Hi-tech theatre experience

General Details of the Workshop:

  • Eligibility: 2nd standard to 5th standard (any board) student
  • Duration: 5 days (total 28 hours together + practice sessions)
  • Location: Vile Parle – West
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