Life Vidyapeeth Level 2

Do YOU want to lead a meaningful, fulfilling, prosperous life?

Then you need to transform your routine life into a purposeful life. I am not referring to the usual goals and targets of your life that you make on every New Year’s Eve, I am talking about planning every single day of your life. 

Ever wondered why only YOU are in possession of this unique face? Though there are 7 billion people in this world, there is no one just like YOU! It is because what YOU can contribute in this world no one else can! YOU need to figure out YOUR TRUE CALLING.

This world is full of influences. From the toothpaste you brush your teeth with to the mattress on which you sleep on each night, everything is an influence! You need to dig deep within yourself to pinpoint the exact final destination of your life!

Life Vidyapeeth Level II workshop is your instrument to dive into the ocean of your mind and discover the unique final destination of your life. It is the process that will enable you to not only discover your final goal of life but also support you develop the blue-print of your life! Major benefits of this workshop are

From PAST to FUTURE: If you don’t have continuous motivation to look into the future, you definitely are looking and operating from your past in the present moment. This workshop will reignite your passion and grant you the driving force to work, learn, improve and progress towards your bright future.

From Follower to Leader: When you live a purposeless life, the situations of life dominate you and you struggle to make things happen your way. When you have a set life-goal and a step by step concrete plan, you become the Leader of your life.

Break the routine monotonous lifestyle: Do you have the habit of running to get things done on time? Is the clock on your wall ruling your life? This workshop will support you break the monotony with effective time-management techniques and setting the right priorities of your life.

Enhance your commitment: The results you get in life are majorly dependent on an important factor, “Your Commitment Level” and how you balance your work and personal life. This Life Vidyapeeth level II workshop’s insights and guidance will ease the process of balancing and naturally enhance your commitment level.

Recognize your true Identity: The process of this workshop will enable YOU to dig deep within yourself and unveil your true identity.

To ensure best transformation in you we employ:

  • Best Trained Faculties
  • Trained Supportive Team of Assistants
  • Limited Batch size
  • Encouraging, comfortable environment
  • Insightful psychological games and activities
  • Powerful Meditations
  • Theatrical Activities
  • Healthy Interactive discussions
  • Personalized Attention to You

Every batch of this workshop is like our family. We know that we would like to stay in touch with each other even after the workshop. Hence we have,

  • Certification: Every participant is awarded a Certificate and kit.
  • Talk to Trainer Service: The contact information of the faculties are made available to you and you may anytime call them and meet them in case you need any guidance.
  • Free repetition of the workshop henceforth for life. This workshop has become a turning point in many lives. You are welcome to repeat and revise the entire workshop for free whenever you feel like drawing new pearls of wisdom from the ocean of your life.
  • Regular Get-together sessions: All the participants regularly meet for insightful discussions and to support each other through Life Vidyapeeth level II intent forum

General Details of the Workshop:

  • Eligibility: For Life-Vidyapeeth Level 1 attended participants only
  • Duration: 3 days, 9am to 6pm + regular follow-up get together sessions by the intent forum.

Few Testimonials

It was a Life-Changing decision for me. Being an Anchor I have always dreamt of doing Big Brand events. And that’s exactly what I could make come true after attending Life Vidyapeeth Level II. I’m living a life of king-size exactly what I always dreamt of.
Shraddha Thakkar
It paved the way for my life. It gave me Clarity and Direction towards my Goal and made me believe that it’s possible. It helped me to grow in my career immensely. It made me the Master of my soul and Captain of my Ship.
Meenal Karkare
General Manager, Inox Leisure Ltd
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