Life Vidyapeeth Level 1

Congratulations you are a SEEKER! Only seekers who seek answers and solutions reach them. Are you seeking something similar to the following?

  • Are you aiming for more success in life?
  • Want to become an effective speaker?
  • Want better bonding with family?
  • Want to be more healthy and happy?
  • Want to learn the art of convincing people?
  • Reach to the top of your field?
  • Are you seeking the true worth and purpose of your life?

Do you know why you are struggling or moving so slowly towards it?  Because, till date you have looked for answers outside, now is the time to take a plunge within. When you were born, you were unreasonable, unstoppable and a free bird. You were a great possibility. All areas in full 360 degrees were open and available for you. 

But as you grew, you started getting influenced by the environment and people around. You started observing, learning and forming impressions about the world around especially during 0 to 7 years of your age. You absorbed many dos and don’ts of the society. With time, these impressions became firm in you and today they are ruling your life. As a result, your 360 degree perspective is now reduced to only 36 degrees.

In fact whatever you are today, (both positive and negative) is a collective result of the various permutations and combinations of your childhood experiences and impressions. And without contemplating about the results that your past is knowingly or unknowingly creating in your life, you won’t be able to create a better future. YOU WILL ONLY END UP REPEATING PAST!

Understanding this truth, Mr Latesh Shah designed Life Vidyapeeth Level 1 Workshop. In this workshop, we help you dig deep and enable you realize which of your childhood impressions, set patterns and point of views towards life have led you to your current standing in life. This workshop enables you to enhance the projection of positive impressions and support eliminate the negative impressions from the very root. 

It goes way beyond just personality development and bring about a full 360 degree transformation in various aspects of your life. Life-Vidyapeeth Level 1 is the journey back from 36 degrees to your full potential of 360 degrees. The four major quadrants of life are self, professional, social and spiritual. You may be facing an imbalance in at least one of these key areas of life. Life Vidyapeeth level 1 workshop focuses on each of them and helps you strike the right balance to lead a fulfilling life.

Some of the key areas we focus in this workshop are

    • Master the Art of Listening: It is a quintessential art which is often underrated and taken for granted. The world requires your ears more than your years. In this workshop you will master how to give correct listening to others.
    • Open-up Expressions: Major obstacles and even many diseases in life stem from incomplete, suppressed or inappropriate expressions. When you learn the correct way to express in this workshop, you will be able to express freely without hurting the opposite person’s sentiments and in fact create a win-win situation for both the people. You will grow sensitive to your own and others’ needs.
    • Become a magnetic persona: You will be able to become an effective orator and a charismatic personality!
    • Effective Decision Making: You will effectively be able to weigh the pros and cons of current life situations and make right decisions for your brighter future. This workshop further enables you to develop a powerful mindset so that you can shred your doubts and become an effective decision maker for life.
    • Project your full potential: You will be able to discover your unknown potential and also learn to project and utilize your power, talents, skills and resources to the fullest. Thus you will reap greater fulfilling results and breakthroughs in life.
    • Eliminate fears, insecurities and complexes: Since childhood we have unknowingly developed few fears, insecurities for future and inferiority or superiority complexes. They limit our growth and make us stagnant in life. You become stuck in your life situations and routine. In Life Vidyapeeth Level 1 workshop you will overcome them and open up new dimensions in your life.
    • Take your leadership to the next level: Whether you are currently a leader in society or haven’t taken any leadership in life, this workshop is sure to take you to the next grand level of leading people.
    • Broaden your perspective towards the world: This workshop will infuse freshness in your regular life and with enhanced perspective you will see situations and people in a completely new light.
    • Art of loving and accepting self:  This is an important virtue which will help you accept and make most of the situations you are faced with in life.
    • Gain the essential arts that lead to success: Master the exemplary arts of time-management, anger-management, commitment, enrolment and many others that will pave your way to success.
The workshop design is full of practical tasks, interactive sessions, insightful meditations and activities. To further ensure that you gain optimum results we employ
  • Best experienced and trained faculties.
  • Supportive trained assistants
  • Personal attention and guidance to each participant
  • Limited participants in a batch
  • Weekly follow-up sessions to inculcate the values learnt in daily living
  • Certification and power kit
  • Talk to the trainer service: Once you complete this workshop, you are our family. You may anytime talk to the trainer and consult them whenever you need them.
  • Free Repetition for life: This workshop is like an ocean. You may choose to anytime revise or repeat entire workshop for more pearls of wisdom.

General Details of the Workshop:

  • Eligibility: 20 Years & Above 
  • Duration: 3 Days + 7 follow up sessions
  • Time: 9am – 6pm
  • Attending Life Vidyapeeth Level 1 workshop makes you eligible for the Life Vidyapeeth Level 2

Few Testimonials

It was a Life Changing Workshop for me. I got Clarity in Life and became more focused towards my Goals. I understood the Real Me and got rid of the false emotions that pulled me apart. I am now moving towards Bliss, Love and Fulfilment.
Mitesh Matani
Entrepreneur, Sinasta Consulting Group
Life Vidyapeeth gave me a positive attitude and overcame my fear of obstacles in my life. It has given me the right direction. I got success in ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ because of this workshop. Everyone should do it. Thank you, Life Vidyapeeth.
Disha Vakani
Television Actress, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
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