• Do you want the leaders of your firm to go beyond their reasons and get better results?
  • Do you want the leaders of your firm to go out of their way to inspire and grow the team under them and drive them towards successful achievements?

As rightly put in S Truett Cathy’s words, “A business successful or not, is a reflection of the character of its leadership!” Realizing this need for effective leadership, the World Human Development Center has been conducting World Human Development Center has been conducting Management training for your shoulders and soldiers It renders your firm’s leaders with effective tools that become the guide for your torch bearers.

It is a module designed to develop a sense of ownership in your HODs & Managers. It is about making them a stronger shoulder to the enterprise than just making them people who can get the job done. 

Few of the major benefits that your leaders will draw from this training are:

  • Become Proactive at work: Your leader will learn to be proactive. It will help him and your firm to get better outcomes and stay ahead in the long run. It ensures optimum time utilization of and by the team and eliminates last minute hasty work that may mar the reputation of your company.
  • Learn to get work done from people: Many a times the team members convince the leaders with their excuses and finally what suffers is important work and effective outcome.
  • Learn how to motivate & demotivate your Team: Motivation and de-motivation plays a vital role in growing your team members. Mastering this art will help your leaders to nurture their team members and accelerate their growth.
  • Learn the Art of Delegation: Mastering this art will enable your leaders to enhance the accountability of their team members.
  • Learn to Enroll and become Unstoppable: Many times to achieve something you need to enroll the team to break their comfort zone and go that extra mile. Your leaders will master this art to make their team unstoppable and unreasonable.

What will You Benefit from this training?

  • Get free from the Department. 
  • Build Strong Shoulders for the enterprise. 
  • Gain Owners for the enterprise than mere highly trained employees. 

General Details of the Workshop:

Eligibility: HOD’s, Managers, Potential Leaders of your firm

Duration:  Total 24 Hours (6 Sessions of 4 Hours Each/Week)

Investment: Rs.25000 INR (GST included)

To bring out the best potential of your leaders we put in use:

  • Psychological Games
  • One On One Coaching 
  • Role Plays 
  • Limited Batch Size 
  • No lectures, only practical training
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