Ladder Of Leadership ​

  • Want to transform yourself from a talented teenager to an inspiring leader?
  • Want to know the practical real secrets to succeed in life?
  • Want to become the next teenage sensation?

Let’s get started. If you study the lives of the extraordinary leaders of the world, you will find that their journey or turning point in life has been during their teenage years. Ladder of Leadership workshop is the best step leading you to an exciting, challenging and insightful transformational journey of your life. 

It will bring about a 360 degree shift in you. It is much more than what the traditional education system can render to you and totally different from the usual motivational seminars, talks or lectures you have ever attended.

What will you get through this training is

  • A leader’s Mindset & Belief System: It all starts in the mind. You will be able to develop an essential mindset, habits and belief system which will make you bullet proof from the negativity prevalent in the world.
  • Unstoppable outlook to achieve dreams: You will be able to go beyond reasons and excuses and build your muscle to conquer the world. You will be equipped to utilize every ounce of your potential.
  • Way to rewarding life: You will learn to balance the competition, fears, and insecurities and lead a meaningful, purposeful life.
  • Break-free from the clutches of your comfort zone: With practical tasks this workshop will enable you to challenge yourself and carve out the best version of yourself.
  • Become an effective speaker: You will be able to voice your heart out in front of a large crowd and compel them to acknowledge and listen to you.
  • Build a Strong Foundation: A strong foundation guarantees long sustained success and prosperity in life. You will be armed with applicable wisdom and knowledge about the major roadblocks on the path of effective leadership.
  • Make you constant rather than instant: Often you are blown by sudden popularity and fame of other teens around you. This workshop will enable you to sustain and nurture your leadership and take it to its optimum possibility.
  • Drop your emotional baggage: Since childhood you have unknowingly picked up a lot of unwanted emotional burden which is clouding your way to your destination. This workshop will guide you to drop it and bring back the sunshine in your life. It is sure to enhance your speed.
  • Master the art of enrolling people: Leadership is futile without the support of people. You will master the crucial art of taking everybody with you to the path of success. You can become an inspiration for the masses with the aid of this workshop.
  • Put Ideas into Implementation: You will master the art of getting things done and enhance your capacity to practically implement your ideas and learnings in day to day life.

To transform you in and out we employ

  • Best trained faculties
  • Supportive mentoring
  • Trained volunteers
  • Psychological games and activities
  • Practical tasks
  • Insightful interactions and healthy discussions
  • Effective buddy system

General Details of the Workshop:

Duration: 24 Sessions (2 Hours each, twice a week)

Eligibility: 13 – 19 Years

Investment: Rs.21000

Few Testimonials

Ladder of Leadership has truly taught me how to fight every fear of my life! It has not just helped me become emotionally stable but also encouraged me to keep following my passion and reach where I am today! It has given me one of the best days and best people of my life for which I will always be thankful to Ladder of Leadership! It taught me that life is not meant to just spend and exist but to Live!
Rutuja Nirdhar
Marketing Manager, World Human Development Center
I never thought I could envision spreading my home bakery 'Sweetlane' to every lane, to every individual. Ladder of Leadership is something which gave me that direction which completely transformed me into a Confident Budding Entrepreneur from a shy, reserved and an under confident girl! It made me believe that my Dreams can be my Reality! I want every teenager to experience this change that Ladder of Leadership has caused in me!
Anmol Hassija
Founder, Sweetlane
Ladder of Leadership gave me everything I dreamt of as a child, whether it was Friends, Family, Money or Passion! Right from topping my academics to following my passion, LOL made me an Achiever in all spheres of my life! What turned out even better, it transformed me into a leader who could turn her passion into her career. My parents gave me life and the Ladder of Leadership workshop gave my parents a reason to be proud of their creation!
Aishwarya Jain
Assistant Manager, Programming & Business, ZEE
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