Ladder Of Leadership

  • Do you feel caught up in distractions every time you try to focus?
  • Do you think you’re a poor decision-maker?
  • Do you think you are talented, but you don’t know how to express it?
  • Do you think you have great ideas but are unable to execute them?

    If your answer to any of them is a YES, Ladder Of Leadership will help you LEAD at them.

Ladder Of Leadership is a 100-hour intensive training designed to make you a Responsible & Independent teenager who not only leads their own life but also becomes an inspiration to their fellow teenagers.


  • Become an Effective Public Speaker.
  • Learn how to enroll people than just convincing.
  • Break-free from limiting Belief systems.
  • Improvement in Self, Professional, Social & Spiritual Aspects of your life.
  • Develop a Leader’s Mindset.

What is Ladder Of Leadership?

  • Ladder Of Leadership is a three-month intensive Leadership Program that works on the leadership qualities of a teenager.
  • It focuses on creating that medium which supports them to channelize their energies and allows them to polish their talents.
  • After which, they no longer follow, they LEAD.


  • To be an Excellent Orator
  • To be Responsible
  • To be Committed
  • To be Planned
  • To be Organised
  • To be Purposeful 
  • To be Intentional
  • To be a Go-Getter
  • To Master the Art Of Enrollment
  • Your Leadership Quality
  • The Ladder Of Leadership


  • Attachments
  • Emotional Disturbances
  • Limitations
  • Presumptions
  • Habit Of Procrastination
  • Jealousy
  • Diversions
  • Conflicts


  • Initiating
  • Manifesting
  • Monetizing Your Ideas
  • Becoming an Inspiration To Fellow Teens
  • Constructing Your Self


  • Practical Projects
  • Public Speaking
  • Theatrical Activities
  • Psychological Games
  • Group Activities
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Meditations
  • Buddy System


Eligibility:   10th Std. – Graduation

Investment:  INR 29,500

Duration: 17 Sessions (3 Hours Each)

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