Business Vidyapeeth Level 2

Then let’s transform yourself from a top-notch businessman into a VISIONARY!

And Transform your business from just a means to fulfil your ambitions to a great contribution to this world. Yes it is possible!

Business Vidyapeeth level II workshop offers a process that will lead you through the process of this amazing transformation. This workshop comes with special personal mentoring to enable you to build your legacy! The best part about it is that this workshop is customized according to your business needs.

During this workshop you will be

  • Organizing your Business: You will be organizing your business in such a way that it is user-friendly. Easy to follow by the team and easy to monitor for the leaders of the firm. It will also ensure constant growth in the business.

  • Training your team: With this workshop you will master this crucial art of nurturing your team well and growing and preparing them for current and future dealings. You will be able to identify the missing qualities and skills in your team and train them from time to time to accelerate growth. 

  • Build thriving work culture: You will build and nurture a work culture that breathes your company’s Vision. 

  • Inculcate ownership: You will be able to instill the values of unity, honesty, team-work and a sense of ownership in every person working for you with the help of this workshop.

  • Expand and innovate: In the process of this workshop, you will be able to study the scope of your firm and give it the right direction for expansion and innovation to be ahead of the current times.

  • Plan the future of Business that ensures Longevity and Growth: Instilling a strong base is of utmost importance for your business empire. A fast growing business may not be a long-lasting business. And a slow turtle growth may make your business outdated. In such a condition, only planning beforehand and instilling those values in your company’s bright minds will ensure and bring out the correct balance. You can smoothly do this giant herculean task through this workshop.

  • Discover and fine-tune your Vision: Vision is like the torch to move ahead on unknown roads. During Business Vidyapeeth Level II you will master the step by step art of reviewing and fine-tuning your vision from time to time.

  • Creating a Constitution and leaving a legacy to follow: Through this workshop you will be able to free yourself and meticulously frame the constitution for your business that will show the light to current and future generations who would be taking your business forward.

  • Transform your ideas into plan and plans into massive actions: In this workshop you will accelerate your learning and practically implement it in your day to day life, thanks to the effective personalized mentoring and bounce back that you receive during and amidst the sessions.

  • Identify and create a leader successor of your business: You will learn how to identify, build and nurture your next successor when the correct time arrives.

 We know YOU deserve the best. And to deliver the best to you we employ:

  • Esteemed trained and experienced faculties

  • Supportive Motivating and Consistent Mentors

  • Interactive sessions 

  • Psychological games

  • Personalized coaching

Business Vidyapeeth Level II workshop is customized to suit YOUR need. No workbook culture. We ensure that you receive practical implementable solutions for your business rather than just the knowledge about concepts.

Please Note: You may have heard, attended and have gained so much wisdom while doing your business. In Business Vidyapeeth Level II workshop, you will have a personal mentor and full support to enable you implement all that hard-earned wisdom and realizations and plan of actions that you always wanted and fast-track your growth on all grounds. After all, for us, YOU are not just a participant but FAMILY!

General Details of the Workshop:


  • 1-Year Personalized Training Program 
  • 12 full day sessions (one session each month)
  • Weekly Mentoring 
  • Quarterly Personal Visit by the Mentor 

Investment: Rs. 4,00,000 (Including GST) 

Eligibility: Business Vidyapeeth Level 1 Graduates only

The general outline flow of the Business Vidyapeeth Level II workshop is:

  • The first 4 months are focused on strengthening the base of your company in order to make all VISION READY. (Unless you are free from fire fighting and routine you can’t act on your vision)

  • The second 4 months are focused on creating your Personal Vision, Companies Vision-Mission, Planning your Mission and creating a 100 year plan for your Vision

  • The last 4 months are focused on creating various things required to create a VISIONARY COMPANY i.e. creating the constitution of your company and culture of your company.

Few Testimonials

I have already expanded to multiple stores from one store and my business has grown by more than 100% because of Business Vidyapeeth. My biggest achievement here is that I could align My Family and My Staff with my Vision!
After completing Business Vidyapeeth, I am able to recruit the right people at the right job due to which my working hours have been reduced to 6-8 hours which was once 14-18 hours long and now I'm taking vacations every three months!
IRON AND STEEL TRADING (Bansal Group of Companies)
From 1 shop to having 3 showrooms today and launching our own Brand of Product which used to look like a Dream is the Reality that I'm living today! I visit my showroom only once in a week now and yet my business grew 30% more in the year when GST was announced!
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