Business Vidyapeeth Level 1

Then it is high time you set your business on automation mode. 95% of entrepreneurs or businessmen today are not able to achieve their desired outcomes in business, just because they are too occupied in their day to day dealings. The entrepreneurs who have become ace in their business, made records through their business, are those who are constantly working on the future of their business! And YOU can be one of them with the support of Business Vidyapeeth Level I Workshop. With this workshop you can be busy doing nothing, still making everything from your business! Yes you read it right!

Every session of level 1, would be focused on transforming the different critical aspects of business and challenges that you face in the journey towards excellence and growing your business to the Level Next. It will grow you holistically. You are our family, once you join the workshop, you may solve your queries one on one with the esteemed faculties.

What you will get is

  • 7 Skills of becoming a Master Entrepreneur: You will master the quintessential skills that rule your business. By applying them effectively you will be able to grow your business by minimum 30 percent in just 90 days.
  • Ease in Business Operations: You will be able to smoothly operate your business. It will help you focus better on important facets and get things done faster efficiently.
  • Clearing of your focal point: Today you are the key fire-fighter for your business. Sorry to say, but you are not meant to do so! You are meant to eliminate the very possibility of situations that lead to fire-fighting. This workshop will enable you to discover your focal point which is capable of growing your business manifolds.
  • Become Implementation-Savvy:  Business Vidyapeeth Level 1 workshop is filled with practicality. There is no room for philosophy and futile lecturing. All that you will learn is current, practically applicable and result-oriented for you and your business. You will be master at getting things implemented effectively.
  • Eliminate duplication in business: You will be able to review, build and develop smart processes of doing business. This will enable you to eliminate duplication in your dealings, making it simpler and faster for you as well as your team.
  • Establishing 6 core beliefs for being a Master Entrepreneur: A kingdom belongs to only the king who deserves it. This workshop will transform you into that worthy king so that you extract full potential, growth and expansion from your business kingdom.
  • Discover your Uniqueness as per your Design: Mastering Business is the game of mastering own-self. Believe me, business is a reflection of who you are. Like every Business Owner, YOU are Unique and hence your uniqueness and originality is supposed to be expressed in his Business. It is the factor that will set you class apart from your competitors.
  • Eliminate fears and doubtsimprove risk taking ability: You will be able to digest greater opportunities and attract them. You will be able to take the required jump for the betterment of your business.
  • Develop 2 main Habits of a Master Entrepreneur: These habits will add wheels to your business growth and also strengthen your foundation in your industry.
  • Going beyond Excuses: This workshop will surely awaken the unstoppable and unreasonable YOU, making you achieve even more success in business!

General Details of the Workshop:

  • Eligibility: Exclusively for Business Owners (Entrepreneurs) who have attended Business Vidyapeeth Level 0 (few exceptions based on your interview with our faculty heads)
  • Duration:  3 full day sessions- 9am to 6pm
 3 days personal transformation training (Life Vidyapeeth Level 1)
 13 half day sessions (Weekly once)
Added benefits:
  • Qualified, trained and experienced trainers
  • Supportive trained team of volunteers
  • Limited Batch size
  • One on one coaching
  • Encouraging, comfortable environment
  • Insightful psychological games and activities
  • Powerful Meditations
  • Theatrical Activities
  • Healthy Interactive discussions
  • Personalized Attention to You

Few Testimonials

“My journey from 15 staff members to 42 staff members and 350 Sq.ft office space to more than 700 sq.ft office space has been possible only due to the shift in my mindset that was created in Complete Personal and Business Transformation through Business Vidyapeeth.”
Chandraprakash Pandey
C P Pandey Enterprises Ltd (Chartered Accountancy Firm)
“We all three brothers have attended Business Vidyapeeth and after that, Mysha Jewels has been expanded across 9 cities, the business has grown by 100%, from 7 employees we have now 12 employees and the possibility of Business of 50 Crore has been created!”
Siddharth Tibrewala
Partner, Mysha Jewels (Manufacturers of Diamond Studded Jewellery)
After completing Business Vidyapeeth, I & my Husband are completely free from the Routine Operations of our business which used to take up our entire time. There is a big shift in our mindset and now we are able to work towards the development of Sir Academy!
Neepa Maisheri
Sir Academy (Coaching institute)

Statutory Warning

Master Entrepreneur is NOT just a generic informative or knowledge enhancing workshop where only Industry examples will be shared. It will NOT be focusing on sharing or teaching what everybody from your industry is doing. As we said earlier, every business owner is Unique and hence his uniqueness is expressed in his business.
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