About WHDC

While reviving an earth-quake stricken village of Gujarat, a senior-aged survivor gave him the realization that changed his life forever. Mr Latesh Shah realized that the earth-quake could destroy the houses whose foundation was not that strong to withstand it. Such is the case with humans too. 

Our life slips out of our hands when the foundation of our life is too weak. The founding pillars of life –Love, Peace, Knowledge and Celebration are the qualities or aspects that govern our life. Thus he laid the foundation of the World Human Development Center in 2003, whose vision is to transform the world via Love, Peace, Knowledge and Celebration.

Our purpose is to aid human beings to transform themselves. We want to free humans from the bondage of his past and enable you to realize your true and highest potential and reach new heights in life. Every human is here with a unique purpose. And this purpose is his unique contribution to this world. We want to support you to make every ounce of this contribution possible!

We want to support the human race to surmount the peaks of success and fulfilment. We want to shift destructive mentalities of people and lead them towards positive constructive paths of life. Armed with his different transformational workshop designs, the World Human Development Center Organization is marching forward to create a permanent and positive shift in your life.

Since 2003, all across the globe, WHDC has touched the lives of more than 1, 50,000 people. We are an organization committed to transforming the lives of every individual and institute in Personal, Professional, Social and Spiritual aspects of their life.

To transform the world through Love, Peace, Knowledge and Celebration.

To create more than 10,000 Centers Worldwide, Transform more than 60 Crore people, Create more than 1,00,000 Leaders.

Major Breakthroughs

We are a Family

For us, all who have done our workshops are our Family! Our partners, volunteers, employees all are one big Family. In fact, it is our past participants who introduced our workshops across the world, just to spread the values, contribute and pass on the torch of transformation in other countries. Due to their selfless work, we have been able to initiate the wave of transformation in

  • India
  • Kenya
  • Thailand
  • Mauritius
  • Dubai
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