• Transform Your Life!

    Transform Your Life!

    Learn from the World’s Best Success Mindset Coaching Organisation, spreading transformation for all age groups of people globally, since 2003.
  • Life Vidyapeeth
    Transforming your Mindset through Love, Peace, Knowledge & Celebration
  • Business Vidyapeeth
    Transform Yourself From an Entrepreneur to a Visionary
  • Online Courses
    Experience Extraordinary Transformation from Anywhere in the World

    Who Are We?

    World Human Development Center is one of the pioneers of human transformational institutes started in India.  We are well-Known for our most practically applicable and to the point, clear workshop designs. You can bring about a complete transformation in yourself, your kids, your teen-aged child, your business, your colleagues, your community and your institute through our unique workshops. We ensure personal attention to every participant like you because more than participants, you are FAMILY to us!


    Batches Conducted Since 2003
    Countries where we did Our Seminar
    Cities where we did our Seminar
    Different Training Program for All the Age Group


    Life Vidyapeeth

    A 3-days Transformational Experience to unleash your TRUE POWER by eliminating your Limiting Beliefs & Fixed Patterns.

    A 4-hour intensive workshop designed to give you 5 simple and implementable Secrets to solve your daily challenges in business by working on your Business Mindset.

    Experience Extraordinary Transformation from Anywhere in the World

    Channelizing their energies towards construction, thereby supporting them in taking the first step towards achieving their DREAMS.

    A 12-hour workshop to train your child’s mind to memorise everything using simple, easy, interesting, and fast methods.

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